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Curate - Cultivate - Measure
Centralize Information


Give your employees all of the content that matters to your business, and to them, with custom messaging that is ready to share
Spread The Voice


VoiceShare offers gamification feature which is a sure-fire way to increase and maintain advocate engagement
Know Your Performance


Measure and track the effectiveness of your brand’s advocacy campaigns in real-time on VoiceShare’s data dashboard

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The Most Complete Employee Advocacy Platform

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We Understand What You Need

Real-time Analytics

With our Social Listening technology, only VoiceShare analytics give you an in-depth view of how well your campaign efforts are being received

Campaign Management

VoiceShare offers the client to create your own campaigns and manage them right from the dashboard


Amplify advocacy programs is absolutely a good way to enhance your employee's engagement


Allow employees to easily read and share curated content to Facebook and LinkedIn without leaving VoiceShare


Empower employees to establish and build new social relationships inaccessible through traditional brand channels

Mobile Apps

VoiceShare has a responsive design that favors users on the move, and is available as a native app for Android and iOS
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To get the best solution with most reasonable price for your company

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